Do Legitimate Paid Surveys Actually Exist?

If you are new to my blog, welcome! If you are looking to make money online taking real free legitimate paid surveys, I am glad you stumbled upon my site first! My goal is to prevent you from doing what I did….wasting lots of precious time signing up with scam survey sites that don’t deliver what they promise. Click here to see what a real free legitimate paid survey site looks like.

In answer to the post title….Yes! Free legitimate paid surveys DO exist! ……..Finding them, however, is another story.

Like tons of people, I needed to make extra money, but because I am a stay at home mom, my options were limited. So I turned to the internet looking for ways to make some quick cash online in my spare time. After reading testimonials from people claiming to make big bucks how long does it take to get your money from inboxdollars, I signed up with a bunch of free paid survey sites. Unfortunately, all I got in return were spam bombs to my email inbox everyday! Turns out….and here is the shocking truth about most ‘free’ survey sites…..they are really just survey databases that send you to other survey sites that are NOT free! Yep. Sad but true. These paid survey ’scam’ sites reel you in promising you rags to riches only to pawn you off onto companies who just want to sell you stuff.  You may have even signed up with some of these ‘free’ paid survey sites that promise you unlimited earning potential, only to find that you need to actually enter a credit card number and complete a purchase in order to get credit for taking their surveys.

I didn’t give up though, I kept searching for legitimate paid online surveys. Victoriously, after weeks of research, I stumbled upon one of the largest and most trusted market research companies in the world. Not only do they send free legitimate paid surveys, but they pay top dollar for each and every survey they send. And the best part about this company is not only can you make money taking online surveys, you can win big prizes and cash in the process! Click here to visit the Opinion Outpost Website.

Opinion Outpost rocks! They are one of the only true FREE market research companies in the world. I am not an internet savvy person, so I was very pleased with their easy to navigate website and user friendly account panel. They are not a survey database, so they personally send out their own survey invitations and have never once asked me to sign up with another company or buy anything.  The only complaint I have about this company is they don’t pay through PayPal yet. I really wish they did, as I use my PayPal account a lot, but hopefully in the future they will.

In their defense, there is always a steady flow of surveys sent to my email inbox regularly, NO SPAM  (woohoo!), and unlike other paid survey sites that require over $100.00 in your account before they will send you a check, Opinion Outpost only requires  $5.00! Nice!! That means payday comes quite frequently!

I hope you found this information useful and I have given you hope that free legitimate paid online surveys do actually exist. Just be careful when signing up with free survey companies that you are not in fact signing up with a survey database.

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Legitimate Paid Online Surveys Or Scam?

How do you tell if a paid survey site offers legitimate paid surveys or if they are secretly trying to scam you into spending your hard earned money? Since I have been doing all the behind the scenes research for you, let me take a moment to break it down  in real simple terms. Ok, here goes….

A legitimate paid survey site will NEVER ask you to buy anything!

Real genuine legitimate paid online surveys are 100% free to take. Think about it….why should you pay to give your opinion on someone else’s product? In the long run, your opinion and evaluation on their product or service will ultimately help the company bring in more profit. It only makes sense that they pay YOU for your opinion.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, here are a few more things to consider when deciding on whether or not to sign up with a paid survey site:

These are just some tips you should follow when trying to find true free legitimate paid surveys online. Keep checking back for more helpful hints on how to make money with legitimate paid surveys.

Legitimate Paid Surveys

Welcome to my blog dedicated to finding and making money from free legitimate paid surveys. Taking opinion surveys online for money has been all the rave on the internet lately, so I set out on a journey to find only the biggest and best legitimate online paid surveys. But…I found myself asking the following question:

Do legitimate paid surveys actually exist? Are paid surveys legitimate? And if so, where can you find market research survey companies that aren’t out to scam you?

After much time and research, (and lots of frustration) I have finally come to the conclusion that YES legitimate paid online surveys do, in fact, exist! They are however VERY hard to find. But, after much persistence, I have found these free legitimate paid surveys.

When deciding whether or not to sign up with a paid survey company, there are many deciding factors to consider to ensure you are not getting scammed. One HUGE red flag is if the company asks you for your credit card number or any other highly personal information like your social security number. You should never have to pay to give your opinion on a product. This is a very important thing to keep in mind when deciding whether a paid survey company is legit or not.

My next blog post will give helpful hints and advice on finding only the best legitimate paid surveys on the internet and how to spot a scam survey site from a mile away!